Distrubuter Management System

Distribution Management System (DMS) is the most powerful, fully-developed distribution management solution in the telecom industry.

DMS is a real-time solution that provides complete functionality for planning, operation and analysis of your distribution system. Its open architecture is designed for easy integration with other key Smart Grid applications and is completely scalable, making it ideal for utilities of any size.

The powerful DMS system will set the stage for new initiatives in energy efficiency. With DMS, utilities are able to promote new rate options and plans that are best suited for each customer.

Why DMS?

Our application helps you to increase revenues through improved sales efficiency and customer servicing. It provides the simplest way to run and manage your daily sales activity in a best way and maximizes your sales performance.

 Our powerful application helps you to analyze your business in a most efficient manner. It gives you a convenient and effective mechanism to integrate the information and data concerned with your business partners, customers, suppliers and stock which makes business critical decisions easier.

 DMS allows you to generate complete reports and charts for doing business analysis.

 DMS, web base system facilitate your business to perform online trading with your customers and partners via internet.

 Operation cost can be reduced and also there is a significant dip in the cost of deployment and maintenance by using this application.

 Modules in DMS

  1. Head Office
  2. Ware House
  3. Sales Point

Sub Modules

  1. Purchase Module
  2. Sales Module