Online Examination System

BITS provides online examination software at competitive rates. Online examination is getting popular on web these days. This feature is particularly useful for those websites which deal in education/ recruitment/ employee screening process. Now-a- days institutes are organizing exams online. In this module a user can give online exam of a particular subject and get the results instantly through which the user can know his/her potential and how much more effort he/she needs to put in to get better marks.

In our Online Examination software/ system - Administrator can set up multiple choice tests for set time periods that when submitted are automatically corrected and the results logged beside the student's or trainee's reference number.

Advantages of OES

  • Proctors can register to administer the online exam right from their computer
  • Online exam classes can be created in minutes and proctored immediately
  • Class progress can be monitored during the exam
  • Access exam results instantly
  • Upon completion of the exam, examinees are notified whether they have passed the exam
  • Once the entire class is finished, exam results are accessible instantly
  • Certificates are mailed to Instructors/Proctors within 24-48 business hours of grading the class

BITS Online Examination system consist of three user levels Administrator, Teacher and Student 

Can create new administrator, teacher and student users. But before going you should create at least one department and subject using the 'create department' and 'create subject’ options. After creating the teacher users, administrator can assign relevant subjects to each teacher users. Also Administrator has privileges to manage other user accounts, departments and subjects.  

Users can create and manage questions for the assigned subjects. Later Teacher can create new question papers by making use of the questions created for relevant subjects. Also he is able to conduct examinations by selecting a question paper and eligible students. After the examination, this user can view and validate answer sheets. Also he is able to view and take print out of each student’s answer sheets and brief results.

Users can login in to the system using the information provided by the administrator. He can attend an examination by entering the proper examination code. Answer sheet will automatically submit when the time limit exceeds.

Administrator’s Home page gives a brief description about the Teachers, Students, Department and Subjects.

  • Create new Admin user : Helps to create new administrator users.
  • Create new Teacher : Helps to create new teacher users.
  • Create new Student : Helps to create new student users.
  • Manage Teachers : Lists all created teacher users . You can view user profiles and login details by clicking on user name, Also can delete user accounts and edit user profiles by clicking on the respective buttons.
  • Manage Students : Lists all student users . You can view the user profile and login details by clicking on user name, Also can delete user accounts and edit user profiles by clicking on the respective buttons.
  • Create new Department : This option helps to create new Department/ Class.
  • Manage Department : Lists all departments/class . You can delete, edit departments.
  • Create new Subject : Here you can create new subjects .
  • Manage Subjects: Lists all subjects. You can delete, edit them. Also Administrator can assign subjects to each teacher by clicking on the button “Assign subjects to teachers”.
  • Change Password : This option helps the user to change the current password..
  • Home: Gives a brief description about the subjects assigned to the current teacher and the question papers created by the user.

Create Questions : 
This option helps the teacher user to create different types of question for each subjects. There are types of questions are available in the system. 

Fill in the blanks.  
By selecting this type you will be able to enter the question with the required blank as ‘-----‘, also you can provide the required tips for the students and answer key for the validation purpose.  

Multiple choices: single option 
After entering the question and tips, you can select the number of choices for the questions, which will help you to create options and set answer key accordingly.  

Multiple choices: multiple correct options.  
Like the above type, by selecting the number of options ,you will get the provision for creating options and set multiple answer keys by ticking on choices. 

True / false 
After entering the question and tips, you can set the answer key as true or false. 

Match the following.  
Here you have the provisions for entering the question, tips and optional matches (make sure that each optional matches are separated by comma " ," ).Then you can select the number of match cases, which will give you the option for creating the match cases and corresponding answer keys (answer key should be from the optional matches which you have entered above. ). 

Descriptive Questions.  
Here you can enter the questions, tips and answer key for the validation purpose. 

Manage Questions : Here you can search created questions according to the selected question type and subject. You can view the question by clicking on the question links. Also can edit and delete questions. 

Create Question paper: This is a step by step method for creating the question papers. On the first step you will be able select subject, maximum time allocated for the question paper and the number of categories /sections wants to create for the question paper. The remaining number of steps will be according to the number of categories/sections entered for this question paper while on the first step. In those steps you can select the type of question needed for that category, which will list the available questions of that type and subject. There you can select the required questions (selecting more questions will strengthen the randomization of questions in the question paper).Also you can enter mark for each questions and number of questions generated for each students while on examination. 

Manage Question papers : Here you will get a list of question paper based on the selected subject . You will be able to edit, delete these question papers. You can also view a detailed question paper by clicking on the question paper code. 

Create Examination : Here you can create new examinations . For that you should enter the department, subject , question paper code , Type of examination (real or model) and examination date . Also you will get a list of students from the above selected department. By ticking on the check boxes, you can assign examination for each students. 

Manage Examinations : There are two blocks in this section. By selecting the examination code, first block will list the students selected for the particular exam. The second block will give a list of students attended this examination. Here teacher has the provision for view the answer sheet and validate questions. All questions except the ‘descriptive’ questions will validate automatically. Teacher can manually validate and enter mark for the ‘descriptive’ questions. For every validated answer sheets, teacher can view and take print out of results and answer sheets. 

Change Password : This option help the user to change the current password.. 

Student After logging in to the system using the information provided by the administrator, student can attend an examination by entering the provided examination code. 
The remaining time available for the examination will display at the right top corner of the answer sheet. Answer sheet will automatically submit when the time limit exceeds. Also he can submit the question papers before completing the time by clicking on the ‘complete’ button